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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My true love. . .for now.

This is for Justin (meaning that I am updating my blog, not that he is my true love).

As I sit here drinking my caramel hot chocolate and eating my brownie bites, I realize that I am truly in love with chocolate. Now, those of you who know me will not be surprised by this statement, but I think that it is true on a different level than others who say they love chocolate. I am not one of those women who search out its dark comfort in a moment of depression or disappointment or those who only allow themselves to partake in times of celebration. I, however, am not so limited in my appreciation of the blessing that is chocolate. Granted, I am slightly a snob about it. I prefer dark chocolate, not that too-sweet-faker milk chocolate, though I do see the possible uses of this paler cousin to my beloved.

I will eat chocolate at almost any time of the day, no matter the mood I am in. Even if I am stuffed full I will accept at least a taste of my dearest chocolate. Dessert is not truly dessert if chocolate is not involved. Now, I will eat the "dessert" should it have strawberries, apples, or raspberries even when there is a decided lack of chocolate. But I always miss it when it isn't there.

I think one of the nicest complements that could be paid me is to say that my hair is "chocolate brown." I'm sure that the decorators definition does not match my particular hair color, but the point still stands. Maybe when I am proposed to, the ring will somehow come with/in/surrounded by chocolate. That would get a yes!!


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