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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Playing Dress-up

As I was walking in to work today in my Mad Hatter costume, I thought, how nice is it that we can all get another chance once a year to play dress-up. I played dress-up a lot as a kid and then again when my brother and sister were little. Sometimes, my friends would come over and they would get in on it, too. I think Halloween, for lots of people, doesn't have to do with witch craft and trouble, but with a chance to be childlike for a day. It is completely acceptable to act ridiculous and blame it on Halloween. I am so blessed to be in a lab that actively participates every year in dressing up, even to the point of deciding on a group theme for the entire lab. It makes you smile and laugh and others who see you get a little enjoyment out of it, as well.

Some people have lost touch with this inner child, I believe. And that makes me really sad for them. I've been realizing that I am not growing up the older I get, at least not entirely, but I am growing younger and more childlike. And it's wonderful! I appreciate children so much for the way they see the world and the way their imaginations are so powerful. In some ways I missed my own childhood so I'm trying to hold on to those childlike qualities I find in myself. Luckily for me, Christ asked us to come to him as a child. With childlike faith that He can handle everything.

Days like this remind me of that. Dressing up reminds me of the imagination and pure belief that children have.

Happy Halloween.


Blogger Jen said...

How fun =) I wish I had taken advantage of the opportunity to dress up this year... but alas I was not feeling up for a Halloween party Saturday night. It was a pirates vs. ninjas theme. I had half of my pirate costume planned out... would've been fun, alas.

I was a "starry night" last year--the simplest, cheapest yet sort of creative idea I found ; ) Dressed in black and wrapped myself in star garland, ha.

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