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Friday, September 22, 2006

Why should I have a blog?

I started thinking about setting up a blog several weeks ago as I was reading Jen Hunter's blog. And then I caught myself talking too much at lunch today and decided that having a blog might be a good way for me to "talk" things out and not subject my friends to all my randomness. Now, everyone can just come here if they need some random thoughts, strong opinions, or reassurance that they are not the craziest person on Earth. I also think that maybe this will be easier for me to do than to keep a journal. Or that I can journal all the really private stuff and just blog about the other. We'll see.

Jen, I know that I'm copying you, but I trust your judgement, so I'm flattering you by copying you.



Blogger Jen said...

I will say that I am flattered that my blogging spurred you to share your thoughts and musings with the world... but I think it's a bit of a stretch to say you are copying me per se. I mean, who hasn't blogged at least a bit these days? Okay, a lot of people, but still, to say you are copying me by starting a blog seems a lot like saying you copied me when you went bowling. =)

Now about the whole trusting my judgment issue... that's another story. ; )

1:52 PM  

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