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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes?

Through conversations with other people and the ever accurate televisions shows, I have discovered that perhaps I do not dream like other people do. I have never dreamed that I was flying or falling or being chased by someone I couldn't see. I don't think any of my dreams have been in black and white. I remember at least one dream from every night's sleep; if I slept long and well enough to dream, that is. They are vivid and very realistic to me.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a dream that fits Cinderella's definition of a dream. The prince (whichever one it might be at that time ;)) is mine and we are very happy. But more often than not, my dreams are ones I would rather not have. Either I'm not with the man I wish to be, or I am fighting with someone, or, like last night, I have a nightmare.

Now, I caught myself thinking, "Why can't we stop having nightmares when we grow up?" But then, that would mean only children would have nightmares and I truly wish that they didn't. So, can't we just get rid of them all together? I realize that the answer is no, but it's a nice thought.

I actually wish that we could chose our dreams; that our daydreams could be played out in our heads as we sleep. We could escape from all the bad things and just live in our custom-made dream world until the alarm sounded. No one chasing us, no mistaken identities, no rejections. And then, if I wanted, I could fly.


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